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In less than three years, Olivia Alexander has grown Kush Queen into a multi-million dollar, multifaceted brand carrying only the finest in both CBD-only, and THC-infused products. The Kush Queen product line includes award-winning bath bombs, pain relief lotions, edibles, wellness supplements, and skincare.

Since working in her first dispensary in 2006, Oliva has worked with countless cannabis companies in social media, creative direction, and digital strategy. Olivia has a knack for being able to develop, connect and relate the right cannabis products to the right communities.

Alexander was one of the largest digital influencers in cannabis with over 2.5 million followers and an average of 100 million monthly impressions. Kush Queen Cannabis was born out of The Crystal Cult and @TheKushQueens online community celebrating women who love cannabis.

After gaining years of experience, Alexander sought out to create her own CBD wellness brand and products because she did not see herself being represented in cannabis culture. Alexander explains, “I approach cannabis from a wellness perspective, and wanted to create products that would make cannabis more accessible and harness the true power of the plant. A lot of people think topicals are snake oil or that they don’t work, but I believe they’re one of the best delivery methods. After all, the skin is the biggest organ. I really just created products for myself that improved my quality of life and helped me cope with my bipolar disorder. Kush Queen is truly an expression of my experiences in products.”

Olivia’s belief in, and passion for cannabis shapes her determination to normalize lifestyle and medical usage for everyone. As a voice for progressive change and female industry inclusion, Olivia was recognized as Dope Magazine’s “2017 Social Media Influencer of the Year” and was called “The Mariah Carey of Weed” by Elle.

Olivia is a tastemaker, an advocate and a proud female contributor to the cannabis industry. Formerly a Beauty Queen who lived in Louisiana until the age of 13, she now has developed a name as the Kush Queen. You can keep up with her on the daily, here.

A model holds Kush Queen Bare Tincture over an acai bowl.

The Kush Queen Promise

The Kush Queen Promise

Kush Queen Cares

We give, you give.

With cannabis, we see an opportunity not just to improve our lives, but improve our world. At Kush Queen, we began behind the counter of dispensaries and in the garden so our passion for the plant runs deep.

Our vision goes beyond bringing you great products to showing our care for people by giving back. From the beginning and until the very end, we will always look for ways to use our platform for the highest good.

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