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Kush Queen CBD Bathn Bombs are essential to surviving the holidays.

Holiday Survival – CBD Bath Bombs Edition

Holiday survival mode is real, and what’s even more real is holiday survival with the help of CBD bath bombs....
CBD and Cyber Monday, the perfect combo. Model holding Kush Queen Awaken CBD Bath Bomb.

CBD and Cyber Monday – The Combo You Never Knew You Needed 

Cyber Monday is proof that all Mondays aren’t bad. It’s 24 hours when the internet brings us the biggest deals...
Olivia Alexander starting Kush Queen in her family garage.

The First 4 Years of Kush Queen – CBD, Visibility, Gratitude

Kush Queen, CBD, and Small Business Saturday.  The past 4 years of Kush Queen have been an incredible journey of...

Look Who's Talking

Look Who's Talking

Best CBD bath bomb I've used. Quick delivery. Good value.
Gerald J.

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