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The Kush Queen Promise

All Kush Queen products are handmade with love, transparency and you in mind.

Your New Wellness Obsessions

CBD products simply designed to elevate you daily.

New to CBD?

Hand-picked CBD products to help guide your Kush Queen CBD journey.

Education & Experiences

We invite you to join us in digging deeper, understanding the science of CBD and hearing from our beautiful community.

Kush Queen CBD Lube displayed on a red rose.

Why CBD Lube Works as a Tool for Healing

CBD lube may seem like a novelty, but it does so much more than kick up the heat in the...
Kush Queen Love CBD Bath Bomb dissolving in a person's hand.

Your High Dose CBD Bath Bomb Is Here!

Introducing Kush Queen 100mg and 200mg CBD Bath Bombs That’s right, you asked for a high dose CBD bath bomb...

Wearing CBD Primer Under Your Makeup – 3 Reasons Why

With the recent rise of CBD’s popularity, people think adding CBD to anything, especially CBD primer and makeup is just...

Look Who's Talking

Look Who's Talking

Best CBD bath bomb I've used. Quick delivery. Good value.
Gerald J.

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