Cafe Latte Bath Bomb


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Our Cafe Latte Bath Bomb was created to uplift your spirits and to restore balance.  Coffee fights fatigue and helps beautify the skin. Soak in the ultimate anti-oxidant bath. 

Give it a try: When you don’t have time for a full bath experience, but need to unwind after a long day, try dropping a Cafe Latte bath bomb into a foot soaking tub. You can enjoy the benefits without the commitment that come with bath time.

Our Promise: All of our nourishing bath bombs are hand made with 100% Organic essential oil blends, lab tested C02 cannabis oil, and CBD isolate with no artificial dyes, or preservatives. We use high quality food coloring, so it will never stain your tub and is safe for absorption.

Directions: Fill tub with hot water, drop in your bath bomb and enjoy! For best results allow yourself at least 30 minutes to soak and enjoy the full effects of the CBD and Essential oils.

Ingredients: Coffee, Milk , Cannabidiol, Sodium Bicarbonate, Magnesium sulfate, Citric Acid, Cornstarch, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Natural Colors.

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