Finding your Creative Flow

By: Angela Viesti


Creativity is the root of everything—and I mean EVERYTHING. Our bodies, planet Earth, the Universe and everything in it are all physical manifestations of creation. To express one’s self is creative by nature; hence, we are all creative.

Some tap into their creative energy with ease—the artists of our world; others need a little help getting their juices flowing. Some struggle with creative block, procrastination or staying focused (me); others have a craft they love practicing but spending long hours in flow-state can lead to aches and pains from repetitive movement and crinkled postures (also me). From the novice to the seasoned artist, everyone needs a boost from time to time.


There are countless remedies for getting out of a slump and into flow-state, and easing the physical effects of an extended creative sesh. Clear off your workspace and try this ritual for creativity using Kush Queen’s CBD Lit Kit and their Melt Pain Relief Lotion. 

To start the creative process, massage some Melt Pain Relief Lotion into your neck, shoulders, hands, and feet to loosen up while the minty smell invigorates and awakens the senses. As the CBD absorbs into the skin, move a quick yoga flow to get rid of any stagnant energy in the body. If you like brainstorming high, grind up a nice Jack Herer or some Tangie, pack it into a Kush Queen cone and proceed to get lit! The psychoactive effects of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) are known to spawn new thought patterns and expand consciousness—perfect for artistic endeavors of all sorts. While the high is peaking, get as much down on paper as you can without worrying about form or technicalities—that comes next. 

Yoga - with mat.jpeg

Once the ideas are out of your head and in tangible form, it’s time to switch into focus-mode. Go for a short walk to get some fresh air and eat the CBD-infused milk chocolate. Apply more Melt to your hands and begin the editing process—cutting and pasting, sketching, rewriting, scrapping and starting over. The clear-headedness from the chocolate makes these tasks less daunting and more satisfying, boosting endorphins and invoking new creative thoughts. Creativity breeds creativity!


When you’re pleased with your work and can edit no more, it’s time to hit save, put the supplies away, and show yourself some love with a soothing bath fit for a Kush Queen! As the tub fills with warm water, light up another cone, find some nice meditation music, lower yourself into the water and let the Relax bath bomb fizzle away. To round out the ritual, spend the next 30-45 minutes soaking up the CBD, essential oils, and gratitude for creativity and cannabis. 


Whether you’re a writer, graffiti artist, comedian, musician, or whatever, take this ritual and adapt it for your creative process. And don’t forget to share it with us!

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How I Use CBD: Hawaiian Getaway


As we sit on the tarmac at Kahului Airport, about to head back to LA from a magical week in Hawaii, I think to myself, what a great time to write my first blog!

There’s something so powerful about traveling. Removing myself from the routine is a powerful tool for my self-care. As a ritualistic person, It’s necessary to get out of my environment to self-reflect, connect with nature, and plan for the future. With the holiday season on the horizon, I had to sneak away before a hectic end to 2018.

Early Sunday morning, we jetted off to Maui. I packed my favorite bikinis, flats, and of course my favorite Kush Queen products: Soaked shower gel, Melt, and a few bath bombs. A girls gotta have options, you know.

As soon as we landed, we knew our first stop was Secret Beach, a beautiful little-hidden spot in Wailea. There’s something about the beach, the sand under my toes and the ocean salt that immediately makes me feel renewed.

Hawaii 01.jpeg

After a couple of hours at the beach, we checked into Andaz Maui. We were warmly greeted and handed an ice cold lavender lemonade while we checked in. We arrived only 48 hours after Hurricane Lane had hit, so Maui was unusually quiet.

Since Andaz Maui is a green resort, there was no bathtub, so I decided to lather up with Soaked after a few hours in the sun. I love using Soaked as a shampoo when my scalp is feeling itchy or dry after being in the ocean.

The next morning we ventured to my all-time favorite spa at the Grand Wailea. If you have the privilege of visiting, it’s absolutely worth every penny. What makes the Grand Wailea spa so special is the hydrotherapy circuit that you get to enjoy before the treatments. Imagine a water park for adults, but instead of slides, it’s pools. I frolicked from hot tub to cold plunge pool and back to the hot tub for a few trips. I love dunking in the Ice cold plunge pool, which is great for improving circulation. I then spent 15 minutes in the eucalyptus-infused steam room.

After the steam, ice cold lavender towels are waiting as you float into the next area Inspired by a Japanese bath house. Then you enter the holy grail: an area of 5 essential oil baths inspired by Hawaii’s natural beauty. I love to meditate in each pool, visualizing abundance, peace, balance, and love into my life. Between each pool I like to sit for a few moments under the massaging waterfall jacuzzi, great for releasing tension in the head and neck area. Between the essential oils and sound of water, my mind is completely at ease. I find a deeper enjoyment of my treatments because of the hydrotherapy.

Hawaii 02.jpeg

We woke up early the next morning to catch the ferry to Lana’i. I had never been before but heard it was one of the most incredible places in the world. I soon learned the hype was very real.

This tiny island is nothing like Maui. It feels so quaint and serene. I truly never have been to any place like Lana’i. More importantly, as we walked into our room, there she was: a gorgeous bathtub. I couldn’t wait to take a bath.

After another day of swimming until sunset in Manele Bay, I finally got my bath. I poured a little soaked in first so I could have some bubbles. Then I dropped in a Love 1:1 bath bomb. The essential oils filled the bathroom and I could feel my entire body relax.

Hawaii 05.JPG

The next day we woke up early to snorkel. I was so elated and was the first to jump off the boat. I saw a gorgeous Parrot Fish and schools of beautiful fish. We were in the water for about 20 minutes when a family started freaking out and screaming (the kind of screaming you don’t wanna hear when you’re in the middle of the ocean). They had been stung by something. We were told it was okay to keep swimming, but as I was getting myself back up onto the boat I felt it. A sharp sting on my right hand, then my left thigh. Ouch. What is that? As I flail around I see it is blue and string-like. Oh no! The captain tells me it’s a Portuguese Man of War. This venomous and dangerous animal looks more alien than anything you could imagine. Luckily they had an anti-venom serum ready for me and an ice cold beer. Feeling grateful that I had my melt in my beach bag, I lathered up my marks with it. The Portuguese Man of War leaves very distinct welts, so I had a great battle wound to show off.

When we got back, I soaked Into a mid-day bath to heal my wounds. Nothing like dropping in a relieve CBD bath bomb to cool and calm my skin. Relieve features a powerful blend of essential oils like camphor and black pepper. I saw an instant difference in the redness of the stings and it was no longer painful to the touch. I covered them with our Melt CBD pain lotion and tucked in for the best night of sleep.

Hawaii 03.jpeg

The next morning we rented a Jeep to go off-roading. One of the best parts of Lanai’ is that it is so remote. We didn’t see people for hours as we drove down dirt trails to unmanned beaches. We visited shipwreck beach and then headed to Garden of the Gods. We drove through huge puddles and bounced around down to the most beautiful white beach I have ever seen. It was truly an incredible day full of laughs and adventure. As we drove back to the hotel, our Jeep was covered in layers of mud. Visual proof of the adventures we shared.

We had to get up early the next morning to return back home. I felt like I was floating from my days in Hawaii. As we descended into LAX I felt such immense gratitude for my experiences. Being in nature and having time to relax truly is the medicine for my soul. Traveling is such an incredible gift that has allowed me to come back recharged ready to end the year on a high note. As the holiday season approaches the days will get long, but I will close my eyes and think of being in paradise. I am Refreshed.

Hawaii 08.JPG

Kush Queen Featured: POPSUGAR

PopSugarPress PSL 01.JPG

If you need us this Fall, we’ll be taking a mind-numbingly long bath. Beauty and wellness product purveyor Kush Queen recently released its Pumpkin Spice CBD Bath Bomb that manages to speak to several of our cozy interests. Made with 25 mg of cannabidiol, the bath bomb is an aromatic blend of ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom.

CBD is a legal form of cannabis that doesn’t carry the mind-altering effects produced by THC. Instead, CBD is used to subtly soothe anxiety, physical pain, and insomnia, among many other ailments. CBD is being used in beauty products increasingly more often, with sleeping masks, lip balms, and an array of other skincare products using the natural remedy.

This ultra soothing bath might be just the thing to keep you warm in the coming colder months. Check out the Pumpkin Spice CBD Bath Bomb ahead.



Meet Defynt: The Anti-Serum

DEFYNT Skincare is disrupting the beauty industry with our revolutionary line of products!

Defynt Blog 01.jpg

The CBD Skincare Revolution is here to defy conventional beauty standards. Introducing DEFYNT Skincare, made by the most advanced CBD beauty brand in the game, Kush Queen.

Our first release, The Anti-Serum, is made with 100mg Nano CBD and carefully selected ingredients that reduce the appearance of wrinkles, shrink pores, and brighten dull skin for visibly noticeable results after just days of use.

The Science

Our Amplifi™ Nanotechnology reigns supreme.

They say that beauty is only skin-deep—not anymore! We turn oil into water with our proprietary Amplifi ™ process, creating water-soluble CBD molecules as small as 25mn in size that penetrate deep beneath the surface of the skin. Nano CBD molecules are 2000 times smaller than pores, allowing for greater efficacy and easier absorption.

CBD contains anti-inflammatory, anti-acne, anti-aging, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties that aid in achieving and sustaining healthy, glowing, acne-free skin. Our Nanotechnology increases the active healing effect of the CBD up to 20 times. This enhanced bio-availability means our customers utilize every molecule of CBD they pay for.


The Mission

The Anti-Serum is anti-establishment.

Stop spending hundreds of dollars on expensive, celebrity-endorsed brands that only address one symptom at a time and produce substandard results. Ditch the harsh, chemical-laden, dermatologist-prescribed products that damage your skin and, in turn, your body.

We’ve got you covered! The Anti-Serum is for real people, inclusive of all skin types and conditions, and made with only the highest quality raw materials.

Defynt Blog 002.jpg

The Ingredients

It’s what’s on the inside that counts! Your natural beauty will shine, glow and sparkle thanks to our revolutionary combination of plant-based organic ingredients and Amplifi™ CBD. Let the real you shine through!

Every element of The Anti-Serum was intentionally selected to help keep the skin moisturized, protect it against acne, and improve its appearance with noticeable results in just days. Our products are vegan-friendly, paraben- & phthalate-free, and contain certified organic ingredients. We never test on animals—except humans!—so you can use them guilt-free.

We blend anti-aging ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamins A, B3, B5, and E, and antioxidant-rich CoQ10, alpha-lipoic acid, and Vitamin C with over a dozen organic plant-extracts to create our uniquely formulated serum. This advanced formula combined with our Nano CBD amplifies the healing potential of each ingredient in an interaction known as The Entourage Effect.

The Application

The Anti-Serum is ideal for all skin-types and weather conditions. Whether you live in perpetual sunshine or experience the ebb-and-flow of the four seasons, incorporating The Anti-Serum into your routine could not be simpler: Apply a dime-sized drop of The Anti-Serum to clean face and neck prior to moisturizing, morning and night for glowing, healthy skin.


The Integration

The Anti-Serum is the perfect ally to your unique lifestyle. Apply it under your sunscreen before the next Women’s March; wear it under your makeup to enhance your glow; put it on before the gym to protect your skin from bacteria; use it as part of your Self-Care Sunday routine and your nightly wind-down.


[How do you defy conventional beauty standards? Snap a selfie and tell us all about it using #iDEFY & #DefyntCBD . Don’t forget to tag @defyntskin and follow us on Instagram for updates and new product launches.]

Kush Queen Featured: Vogue Paris

Vogue Paris 001.JPG


3 / The Anti-Serum by Defynt Skin

Signed by specialists in medicinal cannabis, the “Anti-Serum by Defynt” of Kush Queen claims an increased efficiency of its botanical extracts. At the heart of its technology, nanoparticles of CBD ensure a better penetration of the skin. It is by reducing the cellular inflammation that the complexion could reach its natural zen brightness.

The Anti-Serum, Defynt, Kush Queen , $ 89

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Kush Queen Featured: WWD

WWD3 001.JPG

WWD3 002.jpg

Kush Queen

Shield for Immunity 100-mg. CBD Bath Bomb, $19.99

With a commitment to providing premium cannabis-based wellness and lifestyle products, Kush Queen is expanding its line of bath bombs with this version to boost the immune system. Launching this fall for flu season, this bath bomb contains 100 mg. of pure CBD oil and a botanical mixture of clove, rosemary and cinnamon, which are said to strengthen and protect the body’s immune system.


Kush Queen Featured: LA Cannabis News


Top California-Based Dispensary Chain and Cultivator Invests in Leading Luxury Cannabis Brand

(Los Angeles, CA- August 21, 2018)– Kush Queen, the leading luxury lifestyle cannabis brand, and Connected Cannabis Co., which operates licensed dispensaries and cannabis cultivation operations across California, announced today that they have completed a strategic partnership.

Kush Queen has become renowned for providing the highest quality, innovative cannabis wellness and lifestyle products that range from both non-psychoactive CBD only and THC-infused products including topicals, bath bombs, edibles, smokeables and more. Since its start in 2015, the company is now being lauded as one of the fastest-growing, award-winning cannabis companies helping to revolutionize how Cannabis is positioned and sold throughout the country.

Connected Cannabis Co. has established itself as the go-to dispensary in California, with five locations and growing, by cultivating and developing their own strains and achieving the most exclusive status in their market segment. They have a reputation of providing their customers with the highest quality recreational and medicinal cannabis products, with retail locations in San Francisco, Sacramento, Stockton, Santa Ana and Long Beach with many more locations planned.

“Since inception, Kush Queen has been committed to the highest standards and ingredients, innovation, education and offering a modern perspective on medicine and wellness to the world,” says Olivia Alexander, Founder of Kush Queen. “Connected Cannabis shares our vision, beliefs and standards, so receiving this investment from them is held in the highest regard. We are excited to work and grow together!”

The partnership will support Kush Queen in launching DEFYNT Skincare and KINGDM Cosmetics, psychoactive cosmetics launching Spring 2019.

“Over the past few years we have watched Kush Queen grow to be one of the most well recognized female luxury driven brands in the space,” adds Caleb Counts, founder of Connected Cannabis Co.  “What Olivia has done by creating some of the most unique products on the market that appeal to such a strong demo of users is incredible and we are excited for what the future of Kush Queen holds.”

About Kush Queen:Since 2015, Kush Queen has been committed to providing the finest cannabis, wellness, and lifestyle products. Today, with products ranging from topicals, smokables, jewelry and apparel, Kush Queen is the premier female-focused cannabis lifestyle brand.  With unwavering commitment to quality, innovation and education, Kush Queen offers a modern perspective on medicine and wellness to the world. To share the Kush Queen experience, visit ,, and on Instagram @kushqueenshop

About Connected Cannabis Co.: About Connected Cannabis Co.: Connected Cannabis Co. is a premier cultivator and retailer of licensed recreational and medical cannabis in California. Connected Cannabis Co. has retail locations in San Francisco, Sacramento, Stockton, Santa Ana, Long Beach and operates one of the largest cultivation operations in California. Known for high quality “Designer Weed”, they are the exclusive cultivator of multiple award-winning varieties such as Biscotti and Gelato #41.


Kush Queen Featured: WWD

WWD2 Press 001.JPG

For Alexander, who founded Kush Queen after working in the cannabis industry, education is crucial. It’s important to consumers on the differences between different types of cannabis-oriented ingredients on the market — for Kush Queen skin-care brand Defynt, for example, Alexander uses something called Amplifi nanotechnology that aims to make the CBD molecules smaller and allow for deeper skin penetration.

“I tried to pursue effectiveness, more than pseudoscience,” Alexander said, noting that Kush Queen products center around accurate dosing and are sold in many licensed dispensaries. (The company is based in California.) The business grew roughly 250 percent in the past year, she said, and just closed a Series A from Connected Cannabis Co.

That type of education and marketing — around the wellness and scientific aspects of cannabis rather than the cool factor — is likely to have more lasting effects, experts noted.


Think Outside the Tub: The Facial Steam


Summer is in full swing and as the temperatures continue to rise, your desire to slip into a hot bath may be dropping. Lucky for you, that doesn’t mean you have to put away the Bath Bombs. Those little balls of colorful comfort are actually extremely versatile! Like, did you know you can use them in a foot soak? Well, you can, and you definitely should! We also have a DIY detox face mask recipe that is a must try if you want help clearing out all the dirt and impurities that come with the summer heat. Today, however, we want to talk facial steaming! If you have never done a facial steam, today is the day! The benefits are through the roof and you will be left feeling so fresh and so freaking clean!

What exactly are the benefits you ask? For starters, the steam helps to draw out impurities such as bacteria and dirt from your pores. As you begin to sweat you will experience an increase in blood flow and improved circulation which is key to a glowing complexion. The aromatherapy effects will help to ease stress, release tension and improve your breathing. Plus, it’s hella moisturizing. So, if you are looking for supple, radiant skin, we definitely encourage you give our DIY Bath Bomb Facial Steam a try.

Facial Steam 003.jpg

We recommend that you start with a Detoxifying Mask (like this one) or your favorite sheet mask to really amp up your self care experience and maximize all the benefits. Once you have finished your facial steam you will want to follow it up with a toner and a moisturizer. We are including two additional DIY recipes for our go-to all natural Green Tea Toner as well as our Cleopatra inspired Moisturizer. To really get the most out of this time we like to add in our Defynt Anti-Serum. This will help to lock in all those benefits while offering a boost of anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant packed goodness.

Facial Steam 002.jpg

DIY Bath Bomb Facial Steam


  • 1 Kush Queen Bath Bomb
  • 3 Cups of Boiling Water
  • 1 Large Orange
  • 1 Lemon
  • 12-16 oz mixing bowl
  • 20+oz bowl for steaming
  • 16 oz Mason Jar
  • Cleansing Facial Wipe
  • Large Towel


  • You will want to start by pouring 1 cup of boiling water into a 12-16 oz mixing bowl. Add your bath bomb to the boiling water and let it fully dissolve. Once the bomb has fully dissolved you can transfer this mixture to a mason jar or storage container of your choice and shake well. This is a Concentrate and will allow for up to 4 Facial Steams.
  • ( Alternatively you can purchase the Mini Sample Set and use a single mini bath bomb in place of the Concentrate.)
  • In a 20 oz or Larger Bowl add in 2 cups of Boiling water plus ¼ cup of your Bath Bomb Concentrate(or a single mini bath bomb). Squeeze the Juice of 1 Orange and 1 Lemon into the bowl and stir well.
  • Clean your face thoroughly with a Cleansing wipe or gentle soap.
  • Grab your towel and drape it over your head while lowering your face to about 8-10 inches from the bowl.
  • Take deep, intentional breaths as you relax and let the steam go to work for 8-10 minutes. Use the towel to gently pat your face dry.
  • Follow up with our DIY Green Tea Toner, Defynt Anti-Serum and DIY Cleopatra Moisturizer.

Facial Steam 001.jpg


DIY Green Tea Toner


2 Green Tea Bags

2 oz Boiling Water

3 Drops Frankincense

3 Drops Lemon Essential Oil

2 oz Glass Spray Bottle


  • Steep 2 Green Tea Bags in 2 oz of boiling water for 5 minutes. Using a funnel, transfer the Green tea to your glass bottle and add in 3 oz Frankincense Essential Oil and 3 oz Sweet Orange Essential Oil. Shake well.
  • Spray 3-4 full sprays onto your face and neck and let dry completely.


DIY Cleopatra Moisturizer


2 oz Extra Virgin Olive Oil

4 Drops Lavender Essential Oil

2 oz Glass Bottle

Cotton Balls or Pads



  • Add the Olive Oil + Essential oils to your glass bottle and shake well.
  • Apply a dime sized amount evenly to clean dry skin using a cotton ball or pad.


[*It is important to note that over steaming can actually lead to more breakouts so we recommend that you keep each steam to under 10 minutes and avoid steaming more than once per week.]


Love the recipe? We want to know, so show us those glowing skin selfies! Don’t forget to follow & Tag us on Insta @KushQueenShop & @TheKushQueens so we don’t miss out on that beautiful face of yours!

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Kush Queen Featured: Women’s Wear Daily

WWD Press 001.JPG

For Kush Queen, a CBD-oriented product line focused mostly on skin-care products, the brand’s Ignite CBD Lube, $49.99, was launched because founder Olivia Alexander felt  existing products didn’t appeal to her. With Ignite, Alexander aimed for an ingredient-conscious product that contained CBD and was made specifically with women in mind.

The brand also makes a THC lubricant, not available broadly in the U.S., that Alexander says can increase blood flow to the areas it touches. “That’s a whole different area people don’t want to talk about,” she noted.

“There is a huge note of feminism through our brand,” Alexander said, noting that the company’s lube has even gone out in Amber Rose’s Slut Box. “People have just been making products to sell to women, they haven’t been looking at them saying, ‘why are we using this, is this good for our bodies, how could this affect future generations?’” she said. Kush Queen’s lubricants are paraben and petrochemical free and latex-compatible.

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