4 stoner-friendly artist to Bop this 4/20

By: D.M Blunted

@tobilou - Photo by: @stayneutral 

@tobilou – Photo by: @stayneutral 

420 weekend is creeping on us like my first high – and I couldn’t be any more excited to be slipping away to a remote cabin to enjoy mine! Of course, it’ll be a weekend filled with blunt smoke and yummy foods but just as importantly, there will be bops being played the whole time. Because let’s be real, a bad playlist can kill a good high. So here are some of my favorite, weed-friendly artists that get me in a blunt blowing mood for 420!

Bali Baby



I absolutely adore the Atlanta artist Bali Baby, she speaks to the middle school emo-scene-queen in me that I refuse to cast away. With bops like Banana Clip and Game Over, it’s like why would I want to anyway? Her light and almost childlike voice juxtaposed against her dark lyrics will have you bumping your head to her sound in no time. And knowing that she smokes like 5 to 6 Backwoods a day will have you wondering how her lungs are so massive for such a tiny frame. As a young and up and coming rapper, Bali Baby defies the predominantly hetero and toxic masculine stereotypes plaguing the hip hop industry by standing in her queerness with her music. So whether you’re listening to Bali Baby or one of her many personas like Bali Da Don or Bubbles, there will be a song for you!  

Listen to “Coupe” by Bali Baby

Tobi Lou

@tobilou - Photo by: @lonilens2

@tobilou – Photo by: @lonilens2

Tobi Lou is most definitely what I listen to when I’ve had a bad day or just need a dose of positivity. His smooth, bubblegum beats and overall uplifting and relatable lyrics help remind me of the sweeter things in life. Also the visuals for his music are always these little three minute unique, well-crafted and colorful bursts of fun and emotion. I was literally crushed the first time I watched the video to his song “‘Knock Knock” and my heartstrings were ripped out with his Adventure Time inspired video for “Buff Baby.” Tobi Lou will have the folks feeling good about life with their high and what’s a better feeling on 420?

Listen to “Solange” by Tobi Lou




Okay, bbymutha is the type of person I aspire to be! Her don’t-give-a-fuck attitude while staying so true to her Chattanooga, Tennessee roots is always the goal. How can I not appreciate a queer Black Woman that doesn’t hold her tongue for the patriarchy? And as a single mother of four beautiful children, bbymutha uses her music to tell her story – rather than let society tell it for her. Y’all want to talk about Marijuana Mothers? Then you need to be speaking about bbymutha. The 28-year-old rapper is a mega stoner and openly discusses it with her kids. In Mutha Land her self-created safe space, she and her fan base are encouraged to embrace the negative stereotypes thrown at them one song at a time.

Listen to “BBC” by BbyMutha


@smino - Photo by @nolis 

@smino – Photo by @nolis 

It’s going to be because of Smino that I act up this summer! His latest album “Noir” is most definitely going to be getting played and replayed on 420 weekend for me. The St. Louis (shout out to the Midwest) rapper has supplied us with something to vibe out to while we get blewed out. His chilly melodic rapping/ singing is fun and sexy at the same time, and lyrically you can tell he’s enjoying himself when he’s crafting his music. So you know you’re going to have a good time too. And with an ode to Backwoods (Wild Irish Roses), and lyrics like “Got her Fenty on my fit / Makeup on my acnes like I’m tryna hide a zit / Wear my clothes too baggy / Shit I’m tryna hide my zip” – Smino’s stoney vibe will be sure to match yours.  

Listen to “L.M.F” by Smino

So whether you’re looking for something more upbeat or chill while you smoke a blunt or a Kush Queen pre-roll, there’s something for everyone on this 420 list! Also, let me know if you listen to something here that you like. There’s no better compliment than someone enjoying my taste in music!

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